Twist and Cross would not exist without the collaboration of so many different designers and lacemakers from all around the world. In the description of each magazine you can see who has collaborated up till now.


Would you like to be part of the collaboration team?

We are regularly selecting projects for our next magazines. We need:

  • The pattern of an original design (not published previously, not copied or adapted from an existing pattern) or a pattern made from an old piece of lace
  • A good photography of the finished lace
  • Diagrams and/or explanations of the designed lace

We accept designs preferably of medium-high difficulty level.

We are also interested in articles related to bobbin lace.


Criteria for selection

We select your patterns based on the photos you send us. The better we can see your project, the better we can evaluate it. It is important that the photos are well focused and neat, so that we can see the details. We value the originality of the design, the correct working, the interest of the technique used, the desirable combination of colours and textures…


Your work in print

Once your design has been published in Twist and Cross and printed, you become a celebrity! You will be able to promote your published work and advance your designer career. Even if you do not want to become a professional, the satisfaction of seeing your work published is a great pleasure.



After your design enters the public domain, you continue to own the rights to it. Twist and Cross owns the texts, diagrams and photographs.


If you want to collaborate with Twist and Cross, get in touch via our email address