The Magazine

What is Twist and Cross?

Twist and Cross is a magazine for all bobbin lace lovers, a group that is growing from day to day, keeping this textile craft alive nowadays.

It is a magazine with an important didactic and educative approach, born with the aim of helping you learn and be updated from your home, wherever you live, and also if you do not have a lace teacher near. That is why is it written in Spanish and English, so that the language is not an obstacle.


What can you find in our magazines?

  • We introduce you to national and international designers (known and amateurs), because giving the designer his/her importance matters.
  • We offer you novel and original patterns (in all posible techniques), accompanied by diagrams and explanations on how to work them, because we want to help you advance.
  • We offer you information about lace in other parts of the world, congresses, museums… and many other curiosities of this exciting world, so that you are informed.
  • We provide you with book reviews of great interest, which can help you learn more and correctly.
  • We give you the opportunity of advertising, selling and buying second hand lacemaking materials.


Why Twist and Cross?

To understand it, it is important to know that bobbin lace is a fine textile formed by intercrossing threads, which are wound in wooden sticks or bobbins. Twisting and crossing these bobbins, the weave and warp of a fabric is made at the same time. Twist and Cross are the two basic movements needed to make bobbin lace.


Twist and Cross appears every four months: March, July and November
32 full colour pages

Self edited, printed and distributed from Guadalajara (Spain)
D.L. GU-50/2011
ISSN 2386-8759