Cantù Lace

Cantù Lace takes its name from a small town in northern Italy, just south of Lake Como. We do not have much information about this type of lace, as there is not much bibliography about it available. Nevertheless, in our last magazine we want to share with you a few characteristics, in an article and in a new step by step course, which will hopefully encourage you to continue researching on your own.

Foto 3 Almohada de Cantù (Foto tomboloedisegni)Cantù lace is a tape lace, worked on the wrong side of the lace and on a bolster pillow which has a wooden hole in the centre. Cantù bobbins have pointed ends, so that all the sewings can be made more comfortably. Normally cotton N. 40 (Filato di Cantù or a similar one) thread is used.

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