Course “Working Lace with Wire”

As all good things come in threes, after the summer course with Bistra Pisancheva (Bulgaria), we have already organized another very special course. We have the immense pleasure of informing you that in October 2017 one of the most prestigious figures of the lace world will be with us: Lenka Suchanek (Czech Rep.).

As you may already know from the information in several issues of Vuelta y Cruz/ Twist and Cross, Lenka Suchanek is a collaborator of our magazine and very well known in the lacemaking and artistic world, especially for her incredible lace with wire. Lenka Suchanek is much more than a lacemaker: she is also a heavyweight artist. Her creations are pieces of art.

We are very lucky to be able to count with Lenka Suchanek in Guadalajara (Spain), because she lives in Canada and does not travel to Europa very often. We have been waiting to know her and learn from her for many years. And finally, the moment has arrived!

Do not miss this exceptional opportunity to learn with Lenka here in Europe and book your course as soon as possible. There are only two places left to fill the group. We will create a waiting list in case somebody fails in the last moment.

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