Course “Working Lace with Wire”

Special Bobbin Lace Course in Guadalajara (Spain), with the participation of our collaborator Lenka Suchanek (Czech Republic), explaining the most important aspects of wire lace and preparing you for future independent work.



Curso Bolillos Metal Guadalajara

Theme: Execution of a piece of bobbin lace with wire

Requirements: It is essential to have a medium level of bobbin lace, and it would be ideal to have some practice in the metal lace, to be able to take advantage of the course.

Date: 26th, 27th, 28th and 29th October 2017

Place: Guadalajara (Spain)

Duration: 24 hours (6 h/day)

Price: 245€

Nº Places: 12 students

Material included:

  • The pattern

Foto Lenka Suchanek BN


Lenka Suchanek, lacemaker, lace artist and teacher, has been dedicated, for more than 30 years, to the preservation of fine lace, and now is contributing to keeping it alive for future generations. She comes from Ore Mountains (German: Erzgebirge, Czech: Krušné hory), the mountainous region between Germany and the Czech Republic. She has recently opened the New School of Lace in Vancouver, Canada, where she lives. The main aim of the school is to promote and foster an interest in traditional handmade lace through lessons, lectures, and exhibitions. The fact that the school carries the name “New” not only means that it is transmitting the original European lace to the New World, but that it also provides the exceptional potential of lace to enrich the lives of people in the new millennium.

Foto Antje Gonzalez BN


Antje González is the founder and director of the bobbin lace magazine Twist and Cross and the organizer of this course. She will be translating Lenka for you, so that you do not miss any detail of her instructions. She has been a great admirer of Lenka’s work since the year 2000, and has no doubt that this course will be unique, and possible irrepeatable, due to the distance that separates us from the teacher.



Guadalajara is located 56 kms east of Madrid and 28 kms from Alcalá de Henares (birthplace of Cervantes). You can reach us either by car (dual carriageway A2), or by train (line C2), or by high speed train AVE (arriving the station of Yebes, 15 minutes from town) or bus ALSA (it leaves from the bus station at Avda. América, Madrid, shelter 221, level -2). If you come from further away, Madrid Airport is half an hour from Guadalajara.

Guadalajara is a small, quiet and friendly town. The course will be held in the centre of town, so that you will have your lodging near and will also be able to eat nearby and stroll the streets.



We recommend the Hotel España, for been affordable, centric, calm and familiar. The lessons will be taught in the hotel. You can make reservations directly to the hotel at this phone number (0034 949 211303), indicating that you are attending this course, so that you get a special price.



1. In order to participate in this course, it is important to come with an open and respectful mentality. The teacher speaks English (no Spanish). But the translator will be always there to help. You will see that it is a very enriching experience, although we may need a little more patience than normal for understanding things, if we do not speak English.

2. If you have never worked with wire, it is more than recommendable to download Lenka’s tutorials, to get a bit of practice. It will be the only way to take the maximum profit of the course. Bear in mind that wire is not worked the same as fibre threads.



To book your course, you have to pay 100€ in advance. Please get in touch with Antje, either by e-mail ( or by phone (0034 685970637) for more details.